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Anti-scale Ionizer
Water – cooled Air Conditioning System (WACS)

Air-conditioning occupy a large portion of electricity consumption in a building and commercial complex in HONG KONG. Government promotes Water-cooled chiller as its Energy Efficiency is 30 % more than that of Air-cooled chiller. However, universal scaling problem attributes to condenser tubes of WACS may reduce Energy Efficiency by 5~30% depending on effectiveness of traditional chemical treatment being used.

Savings using Anti-scale Ionizer:

  • Energy consumption 

  • Water consumption - Minimize Bleed-off 


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 Quantum Electro Dynamic Technology

  Industrial water systems
  Single passing or circulation

In industrial water, the buildup of carbonate scale deposits is a common and costly problem in all processes where water is heated or used as a coolant. The accumulation of fouling in the condenser, heat exchanger and steam boiler can cause serious decrease in heat transfer efficiency resulting in wasted energy and high operating costs.

Our unique technique on QED Water Treatment caters for a broad range of Scale-free applications in either single or multiple passing systems without the need of energy consumption, chemical use and maintenance.

Savings using QED

  • Energy consumption - 5~30% decrease

  • Evaporation rate –5~10% increase

  • Water consumption –decrease due to increase of Cycles of Concentration by 7+


*Read about our technology more



Magen Technology is a Specialist Contractor offers innovative technology / engineering solution to cooling water and sewage water systems. Magen also provides various unique innovations to incorporate in physical water treatments aiming at improving industrial plant environment performance with saving in energy and precious water resource as well as air emissions/effluent discharge performance.

  • Our unique technique on magnetic water treatment resolves the universal scale problem in industrial water especially in single passing system with achievement on scale-free and disinfection aspects for industrial cooling/heating/sewage water systems.

  • Anti-scale Ionizer is another unique and advanced physical water treatment designated for water-cooled chiller by extracting mineral scale salts physically and visually from contaminated water whilst leaving clean water at cooling tower afterwards. Saving on bleed-off water is its merit apart from energy saving.

  • Quantum Electro Dynamic (QED) Technology has been applied to save the life of "Old and Valuable Tree" from common cancer disease (BRR).  


Magen Technology Co. Ltd is associated with Credilink International Ltd., which was founded in 1992




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