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        QED Water Treatment

In industrial water, a buildup of carbonate scale deposits is a common and costly problem in all processes where water is heated or used as a coolant.


The accumulation of fouling in the condenser, heat exchanger and steam boiler can seriously decrease in heat transfer efficiency resulting in wasted energy and high operating costs. Build-up of Calcite scale (CaCO3) on heat exchange surfaces produces a fouling layer as hard as Copper which can only be removed by acid cleaning. For a build-up scale equal to the thickness of a sheet of paper (0.15mm), the resulting energy increase is more than 5%. Removing the fouling is vitally important to keep the condensers, heat exchanger and steam boiler systems running at maximum efficiency and high levels of operational reliability.


Our unique technique on QED Water Treatment to meet individual customer requirements in a broad range of Scale-free applications in particular to boiler and condenser, we are able to ensure outstanding quality, high levels of operational reliability and a long service life as well as the most important ENERGY SAVING.


Unlike all conventional water treatment methods, QED requires no energy consumption, chemical use and maintenance. The magnetic field is a long discovered physics which can now be applied to renovate our water treatment industry and improve our precious water resources.



  • Scale inhibition 

  • Removal of existing hard scale

  • Energy saving 5~30% (Depending on inherent scale thickness)

  • Increase in evaporation and condensing rate of water fluid

  • Protection on iron pipe internal - Corrosion and erosion Inhibitor due to formation of passive film (Magnetite)

  • No more downtime and labour due to mechanical / chemical cleaning of hard scale at boiler/condenser

  • Minimization on failure/cracks of boiler tube due to scale adherence

  • Payback period 2-3 years


How it works


Our unique technique of QED is a surface-mounted design which can be on non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel and PVC pipe without the need of plant downtime. Super strong magnetic flux will then emit perpendicularly into pipe internal to exert optimum efficiency.


When water passing through intensive magnetic flux, there appears the phenomenon of significant physicochemical changes in water properties, such as structure, density, viscosity, freezing temperature, surface tension, corrosion activity, electro-conductivity, salt and gasses solubility etc. This QED technique in the industrial application of water treatment will prevent scale formation and enhance biological process apart from other benefits on energy savings.


QED effects


  • Scale Inhibitor

The QED treated water will dissolve all mineral salts in the solution without depositing out as scale clinging on tube surface with immediately effect after installation.


  • Scale removal

After QED operation for a certain period, 3 months for circulation system and 6 months for single passing system, the existing hard scale will gradually be dissolved into the treated water whilst leaving a clean surface at condenser/ boiler.

  • Disinfection

Generating Super Oxides such as H2O2 and O3 etc. to kill bacteria

Forbidding ocean creature growth - Unfavorable water structure (Low surface tension and high viscosity)




 Single Passing/Circulation Systems

  • Steam boiler and hot water system

  • Sewage water treatment

  • Sea water and fresh water cooling system 




Paper published after Seminar at CIWEM 2010

Disinfection, BOD and COD Reduction via Magnetic Water Treatment




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