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Anti-scale Ionizer

Water – cooled Air Conditioning System (WACS)


Air-conditioning attributes a large portion of electricity consumption in a building and commercial complex in HONG KONG. Government promotes Water-cooled Air Conditioning System (WACS) for its Energy Efficiency is 30 % more than that of Air-cooled chiller. However, universal scaling problem attributes to condenser tubes of WACS may reduce Energy Efficiency by 5~30% depending on effectiveness of traditional chemical treatment being used












Why choosing Anti-scale Ionizer

The unique Ionizer with simple physical operation by extracting mineral salts directly and visually from contaminated water whilst leaving clean water in the cooling water tower afterward.



  • Minimizing Scale formation 

  • Energy saving 

  • Lowering mineral concentration/conductivity due to scale extracted

  • Reducing bleeding-off water by 30%





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